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GEA Food Solutions offers a comprehensive range of grinders to suit your unique
needs; fresh or frozen meat, vegetables or cheese. Designed with flexibility,
low costs and of course food safety in mind, our versatile units can be quickly
adapted to a wide variety of functions and food.

GEA AutoGrind

GEA AutoGrind 200. Multi-functional grinder for fresh
and frozen meat blocks, extremely versatile and suitable
for all grinding applications with minimal change.

GEA ComboGrind Twin

GEA ComboGrind Twin. Twin-screw grinder for fresh and
pre-broken frozen meat, high flow rates, provides good
particle definition, low friction, self-cleaning screws.
The GEA ComboGrind Twin is ideal for high performance
grinding where product appearance is important.

GEA FreshGrind

- Grinder for fresh meat
- Perpendicular feeder and processing worms
- Low stress on product

GEA MaxiGrind

GEA MaxiGrind 400 and 400HD. Very strong single worm
grinder, handles large frozen blocks, fine and coarse
grinding of fresh meat and fresh/frozen mixtures,
the 400HD (Heavy Duty) handles XL frozen blocks.

GEA PowerGrind 280

GEA PowerGrind 280. High-performance, high capacity
grinder for fresh and frozen meat, large infeed area and
hopper allows up to 10 frozen blocks per charge, delivers
very high productivity.

GEA UniGrind

GEA UniGrind 200 and 250 are universal high-performance
fresh meat grinders, compact format, 200 and 250 mm
grinding heads, attractively priced, also grinds tempered
meat blocks.