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  • Filling system with vacuum chamber and extra-hard special
    stainless steel vanes rotor
  • Suitable for natural, cellulosic and collagen casing
  • Electronic line controlled by PC, with high program versatility and high
    portioning accuracy and the most delicate treatment with the meat
  • Optional: Elevator, twister device, casing feeder, hoppers from 100 to 270lts;
    accessory for “cocktail sausage” production up to 20mm

Piston Fillers / stuffers

Meat Fillers Stuffers ESG20ESG30ESG50 Piston

Designed for small-scale meat industries that do not
require a vacuum atmosphere. High quality presentation
of the sausage.

MODELS Capacity (Litres) Power (HP)
ESG20 20 1
ESG30 30 1
ESG50 50 2

Vacuum fillers - Electrics

Meat Fillers EB Electric with Vacuum

Ideal for small and medium-scale meat industries
wanting to take advantage of continuous vacuum sausage.

MODELS Capacity
EB 200 2250

Vacuum fillers - Hydraulics

Meat Fillers EB2EB2MM Hydraulic with Vacuum

Designed for medium-scale meat industries, with efficient and very delicate production. Option for dosifier and twister with an automatic mechanical hand.

MODELS Capacity
EB2 200 2250
EB2MM 200 2250

Vacuum fillers – High precision hydraulics

Meat Fillers EB1EB1HEB1MM High Precision Hydraulic
with Vacuum

For large-scale production requiring great precision in the portions. Comes with a programmable dosifier and portioner.

MODELS Capacity
EB1 250 3500
EBIH 270 4800
EB1MM 270 4800

Vacuum fillers – Latest generation electronics

Meat Fillers EBAEBAMM Electronic with Vacuum

Extreme precision, completely electronically controlled
by industrial computer and with high specification features. Designed for large-scale meat industries.

MODELS Capacity
EBA 270 7000
EBAMM 270 7000