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Hygienic Machines and Factory Materials

ROSER CMSA was created in 1959 by Mr. Jaume Roser and it is one of the biggest
and well known factories that supply machinery and equipment for food processing
and more specifically for the meat industry.

ROSER headquarters are in Cassa de la Selva (Spain). We have distributors in more than 60 countries of the five continents.

Roser has a wide range of equipment on different product lines: Hygiene and handling equipment, cutting lines, machinery for cured ham and for cooked products.

Hand and boot hygiene control

The Integrated Hygiene Control is the only system available on the market making sure cleaning and sterilization of workers who are used to handle foodstuffs. The other systems have only hands disinfection, ROSER SYSTEM includes the following stages:

1. Automatic hands washing and rinsing
2. Sterilizing foot bath with Dripping area
3. Hands drying
4. Automatic double hands sterilizing

Boot dryer

For a very accurate drying and sterilizing of boots.
Electrically heated by 2 elements of 1000 W each
and fan of 0.05 KW. With ozone germicidal lamp
of 9 W. Adjustable thermostat.

Washing machine for crates

  • Stainless Steel Construction AISI 304, thickness
    of sheet from 2 up to 6 mm.
  • Detachable cover for easy cleaning

    -Top cover completely removable
    - Friendly access inside the machine for
    maintenance and cleaning
    - Complete visual inspection

  • Electro and mechanical components protected
    by stainless steel covers
  • Provided with emergency switches at in-feed and
  • Clearance: 510 (W) – 33 0 (H) mm.
  • Hold down rail system to keep crates in correct
    position during process

    - Adjustable from one point, friendly operation
    - Different position

  • Cleaning Stages:

    - Washing
    - Rinsing
    - Blow - off

  • Washing water collected in a 200 Lt tank fully recycled
  • Rinsing water totally loss
  • Water -level control by stainless steel floating valve
  • Working temperature: from 40 C. up to 55 C.
  • Capacity: 500 crates per hour.
  • Adjustable feet. Soap dispenser DOSATRON as option

Roser Bins

With this handle, employee can use 200L bins on an ergonomic way, without bending their back. This handle can be used
to push or to pull the bin. It is very strong and easy to use. The same handle can be used on many bins. There’s no need of
having one handle for each bin.