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GEA Food Solutions delivers mixers and combined mixer-grinders that you
can rely on for decades of reliable operation. Our range of high-performance
mixers and capacities means you can choose a machine to exactly match
your processing requirements.


The GEA UniMix IV high-performance mixers combine
the speed benefits of intermeshing mixing wings with
a vacuumized hull for products that need air evacuation
prior to emulsifying or forming. In combination with the
square mixer hull geometry, the intermeshing paddle
wings gently and efficiently mix all kinds of products,
regardless of viscosity or stickiness.

GEA UniMix V

The GEA UniMix V vacuumized twin-shaft mixers are ideal
for applications that need air evacuation prior to emulsifying,
stuffing or forming. With optional cooling, it is also excellent
for extended products such as meatballs, luncheon meat and
patties. The effective mixing action with high peripheral wing
speed gives good protein extraction, uniform distribution of
spices, additives and liquids, and provides effective salt