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  • Company Profile
  • BOT is importer and distributor of raw material for food processing industry since its beginning in 1994. BOT began its business as an exclusive agent for Nippi collagen casing imported from Japan. BOT distributes its products to Food processing companies that produce products such as sausages and Chinese sausages around the country.
  • Wth its vision and dedication to find and provide the best raw materials to their customers, BOT has expand its line of products to better serve their customers with many type of sausage casing such as collagen casing, cellulose casing, natural casing, plastic casing and fibrous casing. For machine, BOT have several types of sausage making machine such as meat cutter, Filler, Meat Grinder, Mixer, Smoking machine, clipping machine, metal detector, aluminum clip, and blade. For Food additives, BOT have natural color, flavoring, seasoning and preservative. Because of its variety in products, BOT can obtain wider range of customers in food processing industry with more than 500 customers in hand, mostly food processing factories.
  • BOT always give high priority to provide customers with high quality raw materials as well as service to their customers
  • Quality of Product
  • Searching for good product with stable quality at the best price – BOT’s products are imported from companies with high international standards and reliable sources, so every products from BOT are guarantee with stable quality.
  • Food and hygiene management always come together. BOT always give importance to find products with high Food safety. Products of BOT are produced at Factories with International Standard such as ISO, HACCP, GMP. So BOT’s customers can ensure that all of their raw material meet food standards.
  • Enough warehouses for all products – BOT have large storage to keep all products safe, clean and in good condition.
    We have room to store natural casing with temperature of 5-7 °C and also cool room and regular room for all types of
  • Service
  • Consultation– BOT has highly educated sales team that can always advice customers about our products and how to use
    our products properly. We are willing to spend time with customers for new product development and never forget to concentrate
    on after sales service.
  • Order planning for continue usage – Because our products are imported, we need to spend time analyze stock position to ensure every customer’s stock safety. Each customer have different demand. So BOT work closely with customers to find the best stock safety level
  • On Time Delivery – It’s the basic need of our valued customer to get the order on time. The delivery system is the important part
    of our service. BOT has full abilities in delivering our products on time by using refrigerated trucks to keep the best quality and
    freshness of the product.