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We provide all types of flavors such as
Natural flavor, Natural Identical flavor
and Synthetic flavor.


We have several groups of flavor for example

  • Meat Flavor

    e.g. Bacon flavor,
    Beef flavor, Chicken flavor,
    Pork flavor etc.

  • Sausage Flavor

    e.g. Frankfurter sausage,
    Vienna sausage, Chorizo sausage,
    Merquez sausage etc.

  • Fish and Shellfish Flavor

    e.g. Crab flavor, Lobster flavor,
    Oyster flavor, Salmon flavor,
    Tuna flavor etc.

  • Vegetable and Herb Flavor

    e.g. Garlic flavor, Onion flavor,
    Pepper flavor, Tomato flavor,
    Lime flavor, Lemon flavor etc.

  • Dessert and Sweet Flavor

    e.g. Caramel flavor, Coffee flavor,
    Vanilla flavor, Chocolate flavor,
    Banana flavor, Strawberry flavor,
    Apple flavor etc.

  • Other

    e.g. Cheese flavor,
    B.B.Q flavor, Wok flavor,
    White wine flavor etc.