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Metal Detectors


ECOLINE-D is a metal detector system with a conveyor
belt that is used to inspect dry piece goods, either packed
or unpacked. The GLS coil technology with an extremely
short metal-free zone allows the system to be used with
very short belt lengths. The belt can be changed in less
than a minute (quick change system).

The RAPID 5000 metal separator

The RAPID 5000 metal separator is used for the inspection of bulk materials in free-fall conveyor pipes. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) - even if such contaminations are embedded in the product. Metal contaminations are rejected by means of the separation unit ("Quick Flap"). The RAPID 5000 metal separator primarily is used in industries with very high hygienic demands.


The LIQUISCAN VF+ pipe metal separator is designed for the inspection of sausage meat, processed cheese, gourmet salads, bread spreads, and similar pasty materials. When metal is detected, the filling process is either stopped or a separating system automatically separates the contaminated material into a container. By way of various thread adaptors the separator can be easily connected to standard vacuum fillers. 

The RAYCON X-ray system

The RAYCON X-ray system has an integrated conveyor belt that is designed for use in wet or dry applications and inspects packaged food product for contaminants or other unwanted defects. It features accurate in-line detection of magnetic or non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, PVC, rubber, etc., even in metallic or metal-coated packaging such as foil. The X-ray inspection software is also optimized to identify product defects such as broken, deformed or missing product with minimal operator training.